Saturday, April 5

Day 95

We had our first casulty in baseball today. It was ME!!! But I got the shot!
I was inside the fence in front of the dugout taking pictures of our batters. I got this shot and noticed the ball was coming straight for me. Luckily I had the camera strap around my neck, so I dropped the camera and turned my head so it wouldn't hit me straight on. It hit square on my cheeck and nearly knocked me out. I'll be fine, but it's pretty swollen and very tender. It's weird, it's not discolored yet, My SIL thinks its the mary Kay Mineral Powder (LOL) but I bet I will have a black eye. Lindsey tried to take a picture of it to show you. It's my left cheek. You can see it looks larger in this picture.
You can see my cheeks swollen in this one.


hailiriley said...

That first shot is great...hope your owie is feeling better!!!

Yvonne said...

The shot is awesome! But I hope next time it will be a great shot without the pain!

Reds said...

Ouch! That must have hurt!! And that first photo is a perfect action shot!! Hope you don't get a bruised cheek!

pakosta said...

you poor thing!!!
i love the baseball shot though so it is almost worth getting hit in the face LOL!

Amanda said...

Goodness....That must have really hurt. I am so sorry!

Your baseball pick rocks though so I think it was worth it. Hehe (jk of course...but the picture is awesome!)

Becky said...

Thank God it didn't damage your camera! Just kidding! Glad you're okay. That is an awesome shot!

Stacey said...

Oh no. I hope you get better soon. That would hurt. That first shot is great though...:)

Michelle said...

you are so lucky that you saw it coming!! can't imagine it hitting you square on. and you still got the shot. good for you!

Ashley said...

Ouch! At least you got the shot!! :)

Gypsy Girl said...

OMG I hope the pain goes away quickly but you did get a good shot. Has Linsey seen the updates of Sally on Sarah's Blog? We are taking her back to TX on Wed then we will send her home.

Val said...

Oh man, the things we will do for the shot, right? Hope you don't end up too bruised!

Photography by Kristen Wagner said...

The price we pay for awesome shots!!

summerbl4ck said...

unbelievable and you got the shot! how you feel better soon!

Amy said...

Love that first shot! Since you got hurt, at least the results were awesome! I hope it doesn't blacken and feels better soon!

{Farrah's POTD} said...

OMG...I'm glad you're ok and your camera is ok. Great shot for the first one.

April said...

oh man..i'm glad you're ok..that first shot is awesome.

Kristina said...

Oh, so sorry to hear you got hit! Getting the shot was worth it though, right?

Sharon said...

Great shot! Sorry about your cheek.

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