Friday, April 4

Day 94

This is not the best quality picture, but I am so excited that I had to take the shot, through the front glass of my front door. These are our Mamma and Papa swallows. They mate for life and usually come right back to the same spot to have their nest every year. We've had swallows for 12 years now. This past fall, the nests got really large and we decided to knock them down. We were so hoping that it wouldnt' deter them from returning this spring. Well low and behold they are back! It's always so exciting around here when to see who will spot the swallows first. We have nests on our front and back porchs and we always have 4-6 "litters".


cari said...

How cool is that??? I love that you took a photo of it!

Michelle said...

well now that is just exciting! i love birds and their singing and to have them that close would be so cool.

Tracie said...

How sweet that they come back every year, what a great capture.

Akinogal said...


Shanna Jones said...

What do they make their nests out of? Looks solid.

Jess said...

Wow, how cool! I didn't know they mated for life, that is awesome. I had a beautiful robin's nest in my magnolia tree last year, I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will return too! :)

Photography by Kristen Wagner said...

Wow! I can't believe they have been coming back for so long!!

Becky said...

Sweet! I've gotten so into birds since I got into photography. I love that they come back to you every year.

Suzy said...

How fun and a great "spring" photo indeed..

Yvonne said...

What an amazing opportunity to have nature so close by! Love the shot!

Sharon said...

My friend in Holland, Texas (Bell County) has swallows as well. She said they showed up on March 19 this year which is the same day the swallow return to Capsitrano. The young birds will return to within a mile of their first home.

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