Monday, April 21

day 110

Today I got to photograph two of my favorite models. We went back to that new place I found and had such a blast! There are so many that I can't wait to go through, but I had to do a couple before I left for ball games. Can you believe she's only 15!


Christine said...

WOW! Love these! Great texture, detail and wonderful compositon too!! Cool backgrounds... OK then, Great job! Pretty models too :)

Chell said...

Okay I LOVE the colors in the last shot, and your other model is beautiful, can't believe she is only 15

Anonymous said...

Great job and such pretty models.

Amy said...

Great shots! I just love the second one with the awesome lighting, her pose too is so cute!

lcp said...

I love the color in these! Great job!

Becky said...

Great job, Nicole! Love the backgrounds. We're in full-swing baseball mode now too, finally. DS put in about 12 hours just yesterday!

Jen said...

I love #2 and the last one! They are all good, but these 2 rock!

Jess said...

OH MY GOSH woman! These are awesome! You have the best models I swear!

Anonymous said...

Those kids are pretty cute! hehe! Thanks so much for doing them. You are amazing. We can't wait to see the rest!

Christi said...

Beautiful models, and GREAT shots!! Love that last one!

Mom2Drew said...

I want to applaud you Nicole. You took pictures of the 15yr old that were not all sexed up. That drives me batty at times, I don't want to see a 15yr old looking like she's 30 you know? So...way to go-BIG props to you:)

Great shots too:)

Margaret said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous. I love your locations and your compositions. I second what Heather says, too!:)

Kristen Wagner Penn said...

Wow! They are both beautiful! Great pictures, I can't pick a favorite!

Krista P said...

These are outstanding!

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