Sunday, April 13

Day 103

Today Lauren came running to me and handed me these flowers. It's been a while since she's done that. 0413a
Then Logan had a birthday party to go to. I took a picture for the theme this week, can you guess what this is?


Christine said...

Wonderful shots!
Hmmmm... is it a dog in/out of the water??

Christi said...

Love the first pic of your daughter with the sweet. I think that is water, but can't tell whats it in. Great pics.

Joanne said...

How sweet of your daughter!!! Ummmm is it a water fountain? Water park?

Jess said...

What beautiful flowers! That was SO sweet of her. I love that 2nd shot, how the light is reflecting in the vase and is glowing through the petals! Stunning!

Hmmm... is the last shot an open fire hydrant?

periwinkle eye images said...

Oh, those natural light flower pics are dreamy. Great angle; you caught the light so temptingly.
Hmmm...the 3rd photo might be a water fountain, but I think I am about to feel really foolish when you tell us! ML

Becky said...

My guess: it's water. :-D
Love the light in the flower shots--beautiful!

Angela2932 said...

I really like the DOF with your daughter and the flowers. Hmmmm, is this your windshield wiper fluid?

Anonymous said...

That was very sweet of your dd. MMMMMM I guess water. I am bad at this stuff.

Mom2Drew said...

I looks like water, and yet the bubbles on the side are throwing me. Maybe Sprite?

Debbi said...

Great DOF on the first one! LOVE IT!

Reds said...

What a beautiful shot of your daughter and the flowers! How sweet!! As for the last shot... a fountain??

Emily Weaver Brown said...

I love! the back lit photo. It is amazing!

Val said...

Cool shots! What a sweet litte giftie

amazing grace said...

i like the last shot!!! the bubbles are fun!!!

Sara said...

Awww, love the flowers for Mom!
Is it a water balloon popping?

emilyc said...

All these photos are great, but I absolutely love the second image. The lighting is perfect.

pakosta said...

no clue what the last one is! LOL!
BUT i LOVE LOVE LOVE The flower shot of her handing them to you and the vase!! soooooooooo pretty!

Tori said...

pretty flowers.... that was so sweet of her! I don't really know what the last one is, but it looks like water of some sort. I'm gonna guess a water fountain?

Bobbi said...

Love the flowers! I am going to go with a water fountain too :)

Jen said...

That first shot is beautiful! I love the lighting!

I'm guessing flowing water of some sort! LOL!

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