Monday, March 31

Day 90

I had a few shoots this weekend and I wanted to share a few from this 15th birthday party I did. It was an 80's theme and oh my gosh! It was so fun! Brought back way too many memories for me.
I think my hair looked like this blond girl all poofed out on the sides.
this guy rummaged in his attic and actually wore things that he had in high school, yes, he still had them and yes, he could still fit!!!
the girls were helpers


cari said...

These are great and I think I had the hairstyle of the girl on the right in the first photo...It was like that in my senior pictures!

Jess said...

Oh how FUN!!!! I had hair "wings" too- and I'm pretty sure I had that same sweatshirt with the neck cut out so it would hang off of one shoulder!

Mom2Drew said...

OK, now this made me laugh out loud! The 80s were an insane decade, did we really look like that? I used to use a can of hairspray in a WEEK to get my bangs all standing straight up. I could move the whole bang with just moving a strand.

Margaret said...

Woo hoo! I think I had that hairstyle, too! Those are such fun, vibrant shots! Looks like a blast!

Amy said...

These are fun, love your backdrop and balloons! When I saw the first shot, I thought it was a flashback! Great shots! I never had 'cool' hair like that, mine is too stick straight.

mom2three said...

OMG these are so fun!!

Debbi said...

So FUN! What a great party theme. Looks like everyone was really into it!

Reds said...

How much fun that must have been!!! Loved the 80s!!! Not such much the hair when I look back... but loved the music!!!

pakosta said...

oh man, makes me feel OLD>>>>>i guess my 20 year reunion is coming up, but sheesh! i cant believe it was an era they are already copying at parties LOL>>>>>cute pics!

Liz said...

How fun!!! What a great idea for a bday part for young teens.
I love the 80's prom set up for the photos too, very fitting for the theme.

lcp said...

You mean I'm not supposed to wear my hair like that anymore??? :-) These are such fun pictures and the lighting is great!

Jason said...

That is so cool, that would be a blast! Great shots!

Anonymous said...

Now that looks like so much fun. Great shots. BTW Sally arrived and will be touring our town today. Photos on blog tonight.

Becky said...

This is like, totally awesome!!! Great job, Nicole. Is that background a neon-paint-spattered sheet? It's great.

Val said...

Looks so fun!! That girl in the white dress is right there. 1985 baby.

Mandy said...

OH my this is totally awesome. I love the 1980's and I LOVE these photos. I am still laughing.

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