Wednesday, March 26

Day 86

First of all Flat Stanley arrived Kaitlyn!!! We can't wait to show him around. He had eaten all of his sandwich and most of the chips. The juice was fine. (so sweet)

Second I got to take some pictures of some adorable little girls. Phew they kept me on my toes. Does the color look okay on these?
I absolutelty love how she was kissing the "baby". So sweet.


Mom2Drew said...

Oh, that last one is too cute for words!!! Such a perfect shot for the plexiglass. I am currently on a laptop and you know what strange colors they can emit, so...from what i can see, the colors look pretty good.

cari said...

These look great to me! I love the first of the two girls!

Margaret said...

Those little girls are so adorable! I really love the last one!:)

Christine said...

These are all adorable. I remember when my DD did a flat Stanely for school. She had a lot of fun with that. The last shot is so cute :)

pakosta said...

that's so cute how she was kissing "the baby">>>lOVE IT!

--sme said...

The girls are soooo cute! The last one (baby solo, on plexi) looks a little dark/flat on my screen. Otherwise, they're ok!

Becky said...

That little baby looks like a toy doll! How cute. The colors look good to me. The one of them outside it looks like you were dealing with sun.

Amy said...

These are so sweet! I just love that last one, too cute!

Jason said...

That last one is awesome, I so need some plexiglass. Nice shots.

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Reds said...

Love the plexiglass shot!!! Wow!! And they are adorable little girls!! Love the smiles!!

Kristina said...

Cute girls, love the cheesey smile in the 2nd to last one.

Jess said...

Yay! He made it! K was SO worried about him having enough to eat on his trip! She keeps asking me who that boy is with her Stanley, lol! ;)

I absolutely LOVE that last shot- that is just TOO TOO adorable!

Mom2Aliyah said...

I love that last shot!! Too cute! I think I like the 3rd one of the 2 girls together the best. They're cute!!

Tori said...

how cute that she's kissing the "baby"!

Gypsy Girl said...

Such cute girls. that last shot is so cute with the plexiglass

mom2three said...

Awwww that lasat one is so sweet! I like them all but that last one is my fav!

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