Saturday, March 22

Day 82

Well I guess I'm on theme for one day this week. "I think his tractor's sexy!"
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so then I saw Jess's/ hazy Day action and decided to try it on this. I think I like them both!

I had to include these cause Lauren took them and wanted me to put them on my blog. What do you think, did she do a good job? this first one, I took of her.
Then Daddy took this one.


Sharon said...

I won't comment on the sexy tractor but I do think the muted colors are better.

Those eyes are gorgeous!

The cat is too funny especially his expression in the last photo.

cari said...

She did an awesome job and the kitty in the hat is too cute!!! Love your first photos...those are awesome! Even though you are back to better still share more Colorado photos!!! LOL!

pat said...

So, his lawn mower is sexy, huh? I'll have to point that out to my DH! Love that cat in the helmet. What a HOOT!

Jason said...

Great shots, I love the texture on the mower....

Joanne said...

Great job with the texture on the tractor! And the 'cat in the hat' is funny!

Jess said...

Love the tractor shots! I come from a John Deere family too! ;)

Your kitty is so cute, he did a nice job with those pics!

Margaret said...

Nice textures on the tractor shots. Those kitty pictures are too funny. Love the milk moustache!

Becky said...

I think you all did a great job. John Deere is perfect for a green photo. And the cat on the couch with the helmet cracked me up.

Michelle said...

my husband is a TOTAL john deere freak! definitely lots of that green around here. she did a great job on the pics. and that cat in the helmet is hysterical!!! ROFL.

Trisha (Froze-N-Time Photography) said...

She has gorgeous eyes! And her kitty picture is funny too!

Mom2Aliyah said...

O, I just love the kitty in the helmet!! That last one cracks me up...the kitty looks so squished ;)

mom2three said...

That is the cutest fat cat in the world! How sweet that he lets y'all play with him like that! Love these!!

Amy said...

That tractor is sure in a lot better shape than the one I photographed last week! My favorite is the second one. Beautiful eyes on your dd and that shot of the kitty in the helmet is too cute!

Stacey said...

I like these shots. The color, texture and composition are just perfect. Nice work.

Mandy said...

Now that is an awesome tractor...I love the PPing on them too.

The kitty is a RIOT!

Val said...

Nice shots! I like the post processing on the tractor shot, even though tractors don't do it for me. hehe

Chell said...

Love the tractor shots, fun use of the action.

The cat ones made me laugh

Yvonne said...

Love the cat pictures! Just adorable!

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