Thursday, March 20

Day 80

We got up at 4:30 AM Colorado time and drove home, 15 1/2 hours later here we are. We saw the sun come up in New Mexico and the moon come up on Texas. Two very different landscapes. I'm exhausted
By the way these were both taken from the front seat of our moving vehicle. I know they aren't perfect technically, but at least I took some! LOL


Stacey said...

These are great! I would never have guessed they were taken from inside a moving car!

Jason said...

Great shots, I can not believe that was from a moving car! Good Job!

cari said...

Ummmm...those are awesome especially taken from a window in a moving car!

Debbi said...

Beautiful shots! What a long day of driving!

Mom2Drew said...

Love that moon in the second shot. I hope you arrived safely home.

Christine said...

Love the 2nd shot!!

Margaret said...

Lovely colors in these. I can't believe you took them from a moving car. Nice job. Bet you're glad to be home!

pat said...

For "drive by shootings" these are great. Love the moon shot!

Joanne said...

The color on the second one is amazing!

Alexis said...

Too cool! I love these!

pakosta said...

i just LOVe the 2nd one wow!!!!! great work esp for a moving car that's crazy!

Becky said...

How great that you got a beginning and an ending of the day shot--bummer that they were both spent in the car. Welcome home and get some rest.

mom2three said...

So pretty!

Anonymous said...
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