Friday, February 22

Day 53

Kinda boring today, okay I didn't even shoot this today. But it was too cold to go outside and I'm in a lump inside. So my shape for today is a wedge. Wedges of tomatoes. My kids love salad and we need to be eating much more. These were some really pretty plump tomatoes that I got at the market. Yummy!


Kristi said...

I wish my son would eat more fresh veggies. That's great your kids love it so much!!

cari said...

That is a great shot and I love that your kids love salad!!!

Amy said...

Wow, I wish my girls would eat salad. I really like this shot, the colors are very nice and your focus is too.

Becky said...

Not boring at all, I like it and like the texture and color.

Deb said...

Can you kids come teach me to love veggies? LOL! Have to admit, you make them look good!

Angela2932 said...

Those tomatoes look really good! Your photo looks really "juicy".

periwinkle eye images said...

I really, really LOVE what you did for the theme today! Who would'a thought? But YOU did. Great photo. ML

Stacey said...

Those tomatoes look yummy! Such healthy eaters, that's great!

Trina said...

You managed to make something I HATE look good, way to go!

Stacey said...

Yummy tomatoes. I love the picture.

Toni said...

Love it! And is that a texture or reflection of the bowl? great shot anyways... tfs. hugs, toni

Amanda said...

That is so awesome. I really wish my kids ate more vegetables. Right now Mikki is on a phase where I am lucky to get her to eat at all!

I think the colors are so fantastic in this.

Bobbi said...

Yum, I love tomatoes. I will just put a little salt on them and eat them plain. Is that awesome that your kids actually like salad.

jewels said...


Good idea. I love the feel of the background. Is it raining outside, or did you add texture?


Shawna said...

mmm Tomatoes!! Did you add a texture to this? It's a really neat shot!

pat said...

I like the way you staged this...very effective.

Sharon said...

Mmm... they look so good! And I like your composition.

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