Sunday, January 20

Day 20

Thank you guys so much! I told my hubby I have never felt so good thanks to you all. I really appreciate all your kind words and encouragement with my photos. That red wall is in my living room, unfortuantely it has a large entertainment center on it and a long bookshelf. I'm considering finding another place for the bookcase though, just so I can take pictures in front of it! LOL

After much proding, I was able to take a shot of my DH. He really means alot to me. I have been so blessed with this man. He loves me for me. He is an unbelievable Dad. He wants to make me happy. He understands me (most of the time). I enjoy being with him. He is positive all the time and really enjoys life. Thank you God for bringing him to me.

I had to add these pictures of Logan. He cracks me up when he plays. He goes through spurts of different characters, cars and objects. Today was GIJoe and riding things. He kept thinking of different poses for the guy, then asking me to take Joe's picture. Gotta love em! I converted these to black n white because I felt it focused more on Logan and his moments.


Val said...

Great photo of your hubs. He looks like a sweetie. He has kind eyes.

Kristi said...

I love all the husbands getting in on the action today!!! And what a handsome guy he is!!! And lemme just say...that is a REALLY cool GI Joe toy!!! Yums would LOVE that!

cari said...

Your hubby is a good sport...mine is not so good about getting a photo! Great photos and I love the ones of your little one playing!

Stacey said...

What a cutie!...and your son is adorable too! LOL! Great photos

PS. you asked me about the backdrop I used for my POTD blog... I just bought some white vinyl from Joanne's. It was like 7 or 8 dollars a yard and then they always have a 40% off coupon. It works really well, but like most white backdrops (I think), still needs post processing to get it looking true to form. If you decide to get some, be sure to ask them to roll it instead of fold... that way it won't get lines from the folds.

Tori said...

great shots! Very nice shot of the hubby!

amazing grace said...

that's awesome he let you take a pic....:) (and post it!)


Sharon said...

Fun pics of Logan and your DH is one handsome guy!

pakosta said...

I love that awesome shot of your handsome husband! HE even looks sweet!!!!
great shots of your little guy too!

Becky said...

What a great photo of DH, and your journaling about him is so nice. Love that last one of Logan too. Such a funny look on his face.

Mom2Drew said...

That last shot conveys such great emotion and I agree about converting to BnW...really puts the focus on him and not the toy. Your DH looks a little like some actor, but I can't for the life of me figure out which one...I'll have to get back to you. He appears a bit yellow of my screen, but with take what you can get, right?

Bobbi said...

Greta shots, I especially love the face in the last one, too cute!

Krista P said...

Good lookin' family. I love the expression in the last one.

Amy said...

Very nice photo of your husband, he looks like a kind person. Your son is a cutie too.

April said...

great shots - they look great

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