Tuesday, August 22

New school

The girls started school yesterday. Wow, what a change. Lauren cried as usual. But she was trying hard not to, and she didn't get up and follow me to the door. I had told her that she needed to stay at her desk. She did. that is huge for her! It broke myheart, because I know how she feels. I remember being scared at a new school. She had a good day though. She made a friend, Anna. Lindsey was so brave, excited and grown up. She didn't want me to kiss her really or linger too long. She and I had prayed and Prayed for this day and a little girl to be her friend. Her faith is so strong. She knew that God would deliver on the very first day. He did, she met a girl named Lauren. Im so happy for her. I pray that she really enjoys this class and her teacher.

Logan loves TCA. He told me the night of orientation that he met a boy who talks alot and he's going to be his friend. Turns out he was right!

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